DR. jeff wilson aka professor dumpster

Jeff Wilson is an academic, artist and entrepreneur based in New York City. Wilson most recently founded the award-winning micro housing company Kasita, which was named one of Inc’s 25 most disruptive companies in the World (alongside SoFi and Hyperloop). Formerly, Dr. Wilson was a Professor and Dean also known as ‘Professor Dumpster’. He lived in a 33 sq. ft. modified trash dumpster for a year as part of a minimalist living and housing experiment.  Wilson’s work on startups, sustainability, minimalism, and social experimentation has been featured in ForbesThe Atlantic, NY Times, and The Washington Post. Beyond startups and dumpster diving, Professor Dumpster enjoys traveling - in another experiment he took a girl he met online for a whirlwind date across seven countries in 21 days - with only the clothes on his their backs (now a book and soon to be a Hollywood movie).





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Dr. Wilson has given over one hundred keynotes and talks around the themes of innovation and creativity in organizations. Suitable to a small offsite group or a 5,000-person all hands meeting, Professor Dumpster's talks are unconventional, engaging and tailored to your needs. To book, reach out via on bookings@jeffwilson.co. 

Speaking Topics

  • Experiments in minimalist living

  • Lessons from the startup founder’s journey

  • Housing innovation and the future of living

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Select Recent Speaking Engagements

  • Creative Mornings [Keynote]: More Minimal = More Freedom = More Moments. (Austin).

  • Construsummit 2018 [Keynote]. The iPhone of housing and a new platform for living. 800 attendees. (São Paulo, Brazil).

  • TEDx [Keynote]: Go Small or Go Home. Audience of 2,000. (Austin).

  • SXSW Interactive [Main Stage Speaker]: The Future of AI is in your living room. Audience of 400. *1 of 3 talks given an encore due to 200% audience overflow. (Austin).

  • Front End of Innovation [Keynote]: Straight Outta Compost: How Living in a Dumpster for a Year Inspired the Home of the Future. 600 executives. (Boston).

  • Manufactured Housing Institute [Keynote]: Is Manufactured Housing the Future? Notes from inside the box. Audience of 700 industry executives and sales professionals. (Chicago).

  • Sustainable Investing Roundup [Keynote]: From Dumpster Diver to Startup CEO. Elite group of 45 high-net worth investment portfolio managers. (Austin).

  • Columbia Business School - Real Estate Capital Market Conference [Main Stage Speaker]: Innovation and Disruption: Investing in the Future of the Real Estate Industry. Real Estate Capital Market Conference. (New York).

  • Tech Open Air [Speaker]: A founder's ultimate dive: startup lessons learned from living in a dumpster for a year. 1000+ in global tech space. (Berlin).

  • VCs on Skis [Main Stage Speaker]. Elite group of founders and Venture Capitalists. 120 VCs, attorneys and founders. (Vermont).

  • Cornell University [Lecture]. Real Estate Technology and Innovation. (New York).

  • D10e Conference on Decentralization, Exploring the Future of ICOs, Blockchain and Future of Work and Disruptive Culture [Speaker]: Housing-As-A-Service for the Crypto Nomad Community. (Lithuania).

  • University of Chicago Booth MBA Program [Lecture]: Kasita: Innovating the future of housing. (Chicago).

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